Nowadays, the TV market just like the smartphones market is constantly evolving to provide bigger, better and more advanced products for the customers which are usually loyal to a certain brand like iPhone or Samsung and both type of users are familiar with what’s going in the market, this same pr

The depth and width used to determine what size screen you could have a television. The standard sizes used to be around 22/24 inch screens as you had, at last, another 3 inches on either side to accommodate the speakers. Happily, those days are long gone, and we can now have the size of television

There is a lot of activity that takes place between projector placement and the screen's size. More flexibility will be achieved on one end with more resolution on the other. Let's take for example that one has a plan to make some presentation at a specific location e.g. a preinstalled ceiling mo

With an influx of information on the internet, sometimes it's difficult to trust the information on the actual internet. When people want to make an informed decision about a purchase, they will go and look for reviews. If you're looking for home projector reviews, then it isn't a mind field which y

If you are a part of the service sector, then something that you will come across every now and then is that of presentation. And, when you are presenting something in front of people who can turn out to be very important to you for your career, you need to give your best. At that point of time, som

While the projector screen may not be the most glamorous aspect of the home projection theater system, it is indeed a very important factor in the overall home theater experience. While there are many projector screens available, not much information is readily available in regards to the screen its